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1925 House Renovation

Reflections is seeking quotes from contractors who have an understanding of the requirements for working on historically significant buildings. 

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Preserving History in Bradenton and Manatee

For the Native Americans whose mounds
were on the ridge to the south of the Spring and the maroons (free Blacks) who found freedom here in the 1810s, we must look to the tools of archaeology to learn about their lives. Fragments of pottery and pipes, stone points, shells and shark teeth help reveal the story of people whose names are lost to time.

Reflections is dedicated to educating the public about all the peoples who have explored, settled, lived and worked along this section of the Manatee River. We conduct informational programs for adults, host field trips for school children, and conduct many demonstrations both onsite and around Florida.

The Curry Houses Historic District was designated by the National Register of Historic Places in September, 2015. This designation recognizes the significant contributions made by Captain John Curry and Samuel G. Curry to history. Reflections is hard at work preserving the three Curry houses, two are Civil War era and one was built in 1925. When the restorations are complete they will be opened as a museum complex. 

History in Bradenton and Manatee flows from the Manatee Mineral Spring.
Bubbling, fresh water is a source of life for people and for their animals and
crops. Reflections of Manatee is renovating three historic homes as a museum site to tell the story of Manatee history. History detectives have tracked down personal diaries and letters, military reports and naval log books, newspaper clippings, maps, and photographs that all reveal parts of the story. At Reflections of Manatee, history comes alive